The Performers

The name ‘Bríghid’s Flame’ (pronounced ‘breeds flame’) is inspired by the eternal fire of the Irish goddess Bríghid which was tended, and is still tended, in Kildare. Bríghid was the patron goddess, and later patron saint, of poets and poetic inspiration. It is her inspiration, creativity and craft we seek to embody in the shows we create.

Image of Storyteller, Kevan Manwaring
Kevan Manwaring has been a professional storyteller since 2000. He is the author of Oxfordshire Folk Tales and Northamptonshire Folk Tales from The History Press, and is a contributor to Storytelling for a Greener World (Hawthorn Press, 2014).

He has performed across Britain and overseas (Italy, Germany, Malta, Greece, Egypt, USA). Appearances on BBC TV and radio.

Read Kevan’s article “Creating a Spoken Word Performance to Promote a New Book” at

Image of singer, Chantelle Smith
In another guise, Chantelle Smith works solo as a folk singer performing traditional songs and ballads, and also with contemporary folk singer-songwriter Talis Kimberley as part of her band, performing at a myriad of community and music events, and folk clubs in Britain.

She has also worked with folk musician Tim Graham (2013 Bath Folk Festival), and she has lent her unmistakable voice to the backing vocals for the latest album of the progressive rock band, LEGEND.

Chantelle and Kevan have been performing together since 2014 and are part of the larger storytelling collective, Fire Springs.

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