2017 – Bríghid’s Flame

When the world ends what stories will you tell around the fire?

The land is a wasteland – a kingdom of crows. B, a raggedy young survivor on the run, is tired, hungry and cold, and it is getting dark. Then she hears an eerie singing …

This brand new show for 2017 goes into darker territory – warping Irish mythology into Post-apocalyptic Myth-Punk!


For adults and older children



2016 – Flight of a Sparrow

Monarchs, mortality and morality in tale and song.

Kevan and Chantelle Smith explore the lives of Saxon kings, queens and saints in this enchanting ‘scop’ show for adults.

With clarsach, percussion, Anglo-Saxon riddles, poetry and songs of the mead-hall, the duo will illuminate the time of Athelstan.

For adults and accompanied older children

“Brilliant. Thank you.”
“Fabulous evening! Thank you.”
“Remnds us how our ancestors shared their news and learned their history. Thank you. Delightful. Loved the stories, the songs and the harp. So uplifting!.”
Audience members, Wessex Week 2016.


2015 – The Bonnie Road

And see ye not yon bonny road
That winds about the fernie brae?
That is the Road to fair Elfland,
Where thou and I this night maun gae.

Step across the Border into an enchanting and perilous Otherworld in this show based upon the ballads of Thomas the Rhymer and Tam Lin as you’ve never heard them before!

One day when Thomas the Rhymer sits by the Eildon Tree the Queen of Elfland comes a-riding by and summons him to her magical kingdom…

When Janet ignores her father’s command and goes to Carterhaugh to pull a rose, she encounters a fairy knight. Only she can free him from the clutches of the Queen…

Storytelling, singing, music and poetry weave together to spell-binding effect.

For adults and accompanied older children


2014 – The Snake and the Rose

Be enchanted by an hour of professional storytelling and song, as Kevan Manwaring and Chantelle Smith explore the timeless mysteries of love and death. Be taken on a bardic tour of Northamptonshire (‘the Rose of the Shire’) and Oxfordshire (whose county flower is the Snake’s Head Fritillary), as the bards weave ballad and tale, the ancient and modern, the magical and the everyday, together in an enchanting blend.

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross, visit the mysterious Rollright Stones and the White Horse of Uffington. Encounter ghostly lovers, infamous highwaymen and plucky heroines. Be thrilled by legends of phantom huntsmen, otherworldly beasties and dastardly deeds. Discover the hidden treasures and remarkable history of these two heritage-rich counties – as well as the eternal truths about men and women!

“A fantastic duo – you brought a smile to our faces” – audience member, Sunrise Celebration 2014.

“Really made the festival for me.” – audience member, Sunrise Celebration 2014.

Tales from ‘The Snake and The Rose’ have been chosen from Kevan Manwaring’s two collections of folk tales: ‘Oxfordshire Folk Tales‘ (2012, History Press) and ‘Northamptonshire Folk Tales‘ (2013, History Press).

Kevan Manwaring performing “The White Horse of Uffington” and Chantelle Smith performing Talis Kimberley’s “Uffington Hill” at the Rondo Theatre, 2014.
Video © M. Long, 2014

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